Dunvalanree Tour - 7 Days In Kintyre

Kintyre, made famous by Paul McCartney and Wings, is the southern part of Argyll. It is some 50 miles long and only four or five miles wide. There are no roads across the middle, just all the way round. It is a forgotten part of Scotland but many return, regularly and frequently. And there is plenty to see and do. Most of all it is a place to relax and unwind.

Kintyre has been described as the cradle of the Nation. This is where the Scoti arrived from Northern Ireland to establish Alba and dal Riata, which grew to the Scottish Nation we have today.

The area has a huge number of archaeological sites to visit:

Kildonan Dun: Probably built between AD 100 and 200, seen today the fort is as left after excavations undertaken in 1936 and 1938. Originally the outer side of the surrounding wall you can see today would probably have had a stone parapet which rose sufficiently above the inner half of the wall to provide a defensive walkway.

Within the enclosure, much of the northern half would have been occupied by two or more buildings, intended to house people and livestock, while the southern half was more of an open courtyard.

Campbeltown Museum: The only Council operated museum in Argyll has a remarkable collection of archaeological artefacts, the most amazing one being a jet necklace

There are castles galore...

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